Dilapidations, Schedules of Condition

Morgan and Clarke have noted specialisation over many years in Dilapidations issues, either progressing schedules or containing over-enthusiastic Pubco based requests, all on a Nationwide basis.  We also prepare detailed Schedules of Condition together with a comprehensive photographic essay on behalf of potential purchasers and at lease renewal.

The devil is always in the detail and we are great details people.   So often a Pubco / Brewer will issue a dilapidations schedule that appears to cost the earth, but it is after all only one man’s opinion and is not set in tablets of stone.  We negotiate the reality of required works and the associated costs, especially on lease renewal and lease surrender.

Dilapidations law is both complex and convoluted, based in the main on extensive Case Law guidance.  Beware of ‘amateur’ advisors who ‘do a bit’.  Do not be misled by non professionally qualified advisors keen to “do a deal”.  This is especially important in the vital lead-in period pre lease renewal.

Both the Law Society and the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors have established protocols that must be followed in issues of Dilapidations.  A full and detailed understanding of these protocols is essential in the presentation of a Client based case.

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