Statutory Pubs Code

The new legislation came into being in July 2016.   The will of Parliament was that matters were intended to be simple.   If you wanted to be free of tie you could make an application through the Pubs Code in a simple, straight forward and supposedly cost-effective manner.   It did not work out that way at all!

“Due process” as it is known is slow, tortuous, strictly time-controlled and complicated.   The log jam created by the Pubs Code Adjudicator during 2016/2017 is now easing significantly with more cases coming through the system.   The Draconian opposition at every turn by certain Pubcos has eased somewhat although the co-called ‘Mode of Delivery’ is still contentious.

Simon Clarke, one of our Directors, was involved in the formulation of the Code on behalf of Tenants and readily accepts that it is far from perfect.
It was the best he could get!

However, attempting to change the rules is still ongoing with representations being made to the Legislators.  Slow but sure!

We know MRO for all of its positives and negatives and have a constant stream of cases going through the system.   Full initial advice, as ever, is free of charge and in total confidence.

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